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Art and culture as a gateway to personal success

Art is a powerful tool. Communication, exchange and experiences, define our lives. Art includs all this and gives us a new approach to our world, which helps us to realize our potential. In this way art is not only ensuring personal development but also secures our future through creativity and relaxation. From this perspective art and culture can be a gateway to success.

The flowering of classical art.

Our concept and main goal is to develop and improve the talents of each student. To achieve this we teach in one-to-one lessons or small groups.

nuARTis offers an intensive study off the classical art. nuARTis is one of the few Institutions which developed a special program to transfer the heritage of the renaissance as well as the influence of classical art of other cultures to this age.

nuARTis creates in its beautiful historical Gallery and Studio a special atmosphere which supports the artistically development. The central location in Mannheim allows to reach easily the cultural sites e.g. Paris, Florence.

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