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nuARTis is an independent and private cultural institution which teaches the art form of classical paintings based on the old masters. The result which occurred from many years of studies is based on German, French and Italian traditions which were practiced in the studios of the 14 th century. On these old traditions the newer heritage of the European academies during the 19 th century was added. The old step by step Processes were adapted to the contemporary requirements and are helping now the students to recognize their talents and develop their abilities for the art.

Our program

The orientation level is for students who want to discover their artistic abilities and possibilities. A variety of materials, motives and forms of expressions are tested according to the own wishes and visions. Only through direct experience it is possible for the student to develop an art form which is based on the own natural talents. This art form will be the most fertile. This level also offers reorientation of the already existing art form.

The fundamental level is a combination of studying old sources and techniques with their own variety of expression which still lasts in the contemporary art. This level starts with the four pillars of Art: Shape, Colour, flow and light. Special designed exercises impart basics skills. With these exercises the student is able go further step-by-step through different materials and motives. From still lifes, the best arena for colour, texture and illusion and the third dimension to working with life model the student explores thoroughly comprehension in working methods. To be able to express oneself as an artist freely and to express the visions the students learns many dignified Methods, e.g. sight-size-method or the system of comparing measurement. With this the student is able to integrate the conception into realism. The self-developed balance between formal and informal art is singular in the realism studios.

In the graduate level the students deepens the skills. The student expands the abilities, e.g. Portrait, and can therefore express the essential of his own art. At the end of this level the student can use his knowledge, techniques and abilities - due to the individual point of origin -and is ableto create artwork in the highest quality.

nuARTis want to point out the proffesionality for those who want to follow are sustainably. Our experiences show, that the profession of an artist is profitable. Contary to the extensive opinon; a highly educated artist is not only ably to lead a satisfied and qualitative way of life but also to provide livelihood. The studies with us should be seen as in investment in carrer as well.

The focus of the academy is anchored in the humanistic idea of education of the individual. That means that every student is allowed to grow-up in this own pace and is able to invest time and effort in his project according to his needs and development. The atmospheres of the studies is focused but relaxed because only a personal responsibility for mastering and working with his own talents and abilities will lead to an own individual artistic way later.

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