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Heinrich Denke


English version for the unorte exhibition in New York
Heinrich Denke was born in 1974 in Schlesien / Preiskretscham – German part of Poland. His father worked as entrepreneur and his mother as Ceramicist. Due to his German roots his childhood was especially marked by conflicts with the communist system and its breakdown. Very early Heinrich Denke became curious about uncommon places like destroyed bunkers from WWII which were like a big playground for him. During the period of the cold war and the iron curtain his family (mother, father and sister) fled to Western Germany when he was 11 years old (1985). They left under the excuse to visit the grand mother who lived in Germany with nothing but a kind of camping car. Heinrich Denke used the new freedom won for him and his family for his artistic development. During his schooldays he worked as photographer and later as chief editor of the school’s magazine. Mr Denke was also involved in the Media administration for teenagers. His artistic achievements during this period were assigned from the school commission. The fascination for uncommon places remained and his first artwork confrontations with industrial spaces in Mannheim arose. After high school he had to join the military and succeeded his training as sapper. After the training he was promoted to the staff and fulfilled the period of service as military photographer. The time in the military was overshadowed from the Balkan War and therefore the training was as realistic as possible (“unorte” of special kind). After the time in the military Mr Denke’s wish to devote himself fully to creativity was fulfilled by studying at a private art university. The fascination for uncommon places still remained during the studies and he was able to use the knowledge about photography for his first worldwide photo art projects (e.g. Egyptian necropolis) . Due to the very good performance during these projects he could finish his studies faster and received his diploma certificate as artist. Master studies in graphics followed. He then worked as an industrial photographer, in art Gallerys, in design agency and managed cultural and art events. Despite the bad world economic situation he founded his own Gallery and art agency in 2002 and later his own academy of fine art. The gained independency is always used for Heinrich Denke’s own art at the “uncommon places”. Together with an PhD art historian he wrote publications, portraits of artists and organized exhibitions. During this work the theoretical fundament for the “Unorte” arose. By travelling through Europe, Asia, Africa and New Zealand he subject of the “Unorte” is considered under global point of view. In addition to numerous exhibitions Heinrich Denke published scientific papers with “Unorte” as main topic.

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