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Expand  your artistic horizon with our art tours.  Observing is one of the most important skills in art . During a vacation we are more open minded, because we are receiving a different kind of reality  and  have  a different self-consciousness. This is a positive side effect of our art trips, that even beginners are open-minded and find joy in painting intuitively .

We will help you from the beginning to focus as much as possible on your own artistic development . We help to build your own art studio which is beneficial to define yourself as an independent artist and soon you will enjoy the private benefits of creativity too.

Also we  will introduce you to  the new possibilities  of the world of art.  For example, the   HDR photography  has something to offer for the painter.  Camera as a support  for the sketchbook is great, but  to paint a photos is something else. The Colors and details are different and difficult to see. Photos are looking mostly artificial.  And to take  "Hey, did you paint copies  of the photo " is not very encouraging. But there is a  solution:   use HDR photography as a support for your paintings .

The understanding for the art materials and tools is important for an artist. Only those who find the way to the own mediums have also chance and ability to produce exceptional works. Let us accompany you on the way to your perfect materials and tools.

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