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The work begins with a basic understanding for materials. In specially designed exercises the student learns an effective handling with shape, color, flow and light. These special designed exercises are built on each other. This makes it possible for the student - for example in landscape painting - to master perspective, form, proportion, shape and tonal value in a short time. The approach is  from the overall to the details.

With this method the student is enabled to perfect the own skill, e.g. from the nude to the still-life which is a perfect arena for color, texture and illusion of the body in space. These experiences are transferred to working with life models to expand the ability in construction, gesture, anatomy and subtle color play. The aim of our course of instruction is to build a solid foundation in teaching the methods and techniques which have already been elaborated in art and art history. Later on the students apply these methods and experiment with it according to their own style, visions and view of arts.

From the exercised view of the artist regular art trips and presentation are organized. These cover technical aspects, like anatomy and morphology as well as perspective and art history.

nuARTis sets a high value of the mental attitude of the student during his work. Methods like mediation or Asian breathing techniques are taught which enable the free mind to be expressed freely in art.

The programm

nuARTis has aligned its programtotally on the individual development. Our classes are based on the techniques and methods of the French studio in the 19 th century and have been refined and adjusted to the modern needs. Our experience shows that this is the most effective way to learn drawing and painting on the highest level. At the end of the program everybody is an artist, who can work on this level and is able to express his individual style which suites his personal talents. The academy pursues the goal to apprentice traditionally, in theory and in practice, the same techniques and methods which have been successfully used by the masters of former times. At the same time the individual talent and artistical interpretations of the students are motivated. According to our point of view the students can get to know his own limits once a solid base has been build up. This is the first step to a self-confident artist.

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